William Hersee

यह पुस्तक आपको कितनी अच्छी लगी?
फ़ाइल की गुणवत्ता क्या है?
पुस्तक की गुणवत्ता का मूल्यांकन करने के लिए यह पुस्तक डाउनलोड करें
डाउनलोड की गई फ़ाइलों की गुणवत्ता क्या है?
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September, 1921
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अपनी समीक्षा पोस्ट करने के लिए साइन इन करें या साइन अप करें
आप पुस्तक समीक्षा लिख सकते हैं और अपना अनुभव साझा कर सकते हैं. पढ़ूी हुई पुस्तकों के बारे में आपकी राय जानने में अन्य पाठकों को दिलचस्पी होगी. भले ही आपको किताब पसंद हो या न हो, अगर आप इसके बारे में ईमानदारी से और विस्तार से बताएँगे, तो लोग अपने लिए नई रुचिकर पुस्तकें खोज पाएँगे.


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American edition of Gray's 'Elegy'

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12 S. IX. SEPT. 10, 1921.]



issued 'The Battle of Vittoria,' a poem, in,


1813, and other books later, and died at^ioi).—The correct pronunciation of avatar is
Warwick, Aug. 6, 1854.
j that as written by Browning. The word is
ARCHIBALD SPARKE. J of Sanskrit origin and means " an incarnai tion." The second a is inherent in the pre'! ceding letter, and so is short in sound.
54, 96, 175.—The famous old school (
The letter represented in English by v is
wards college) at Chatham House, Rams- not pronounced altogether like the English
gate, had its Chatham House Magazine about
but is really a compromise in sound bethe years 1864 or 1865. I t was run entirely, t w e e n v a Q d ^
by the scholars, and a serial, quite of the.
biood-and-thunder type, had the place of
Reference to a Sanskrit or Hindi diehonour within its pages. I have sought in j tionary will show that the second a of
vain for a number of our beloved periodical | avatar is short, but the last a is long. Thus,
and should be deeply grateful to any reader: avatar ; and the stress accent is on the
of ' N. & Q.' who could put me upon the '•finalsyllable.
N. POWLETT, Colonel,
track of a copy. The magazine enjoyed
only a short existence, but in later years the 1 The ' X.E.D.' appears to accentuate the
more sober Chatham House Review flourishedn last t hsyllable
of avatar with Browning, and
exceedingly. Now, alas ! the old school has ° t
middle syllable with Campbell,
CECIL CLARKE. \ Avatar is an adaptation of the Sanskrit
Junior Athemeum Club.
] avatdra.

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ment for the collecting and levying the revenue 1 S I R THOMAS MlLLEB OF CHICHESTER
owing, as herein certified and sworn to by the (1
i-ia q ; Y no 1701 T P v m w „ „ „ ,-,.(.
Justices of the Peace at the General Sessions of J b " 1X" , , ; W 3 ) ^ ^
the Peace holden for the County of Pembroke altogether well informed. The Millers were
the tenth day of January in the two and twentieth a substantial family, maltsters and clothiers
year of his said Majesty's reign and there ap- in Chichester from the sixteenth century,
proved of by the Justices of the Peace of the churchwardens of St. Olave's and so forth,
said county whose names are underwritten and ; T., , AT - llpi . " opnnlt -mHii Tunii lfinq"
their authority and to be certified to his Majesty's , fi1,ChaJCf JilU ' 3r > sepult. xxviu. Junii lbOd
Remembrancer in the Exchequer according to I"*- Peter the Ureat alias the bubdeanery
the stated Acts of Parliament.
, Register), was great-grandfather to Sir
The names of the various hundreds, Thomas. Bis father was Mark Miller,
parishes and inhabitants follow, giving the Mayor in 1662, who married Mary, heir of
number of hearths for which they were her brother John, last of the Combers of
liable. Those too poor to pay are de- t Shermanbury, High Sheriff for Sussex and
scribed as " Paupers certified," and probably1 Hants, and Lord of the Manor of Donington.
consisted of the old and infirm. G. H. W.
His grandfather, John Comber, had a grant
! of arms dated June 16, 1571, and died 1595.
In 1662 a tax of two shillings was levied] Mark Miller (" old Alderman Miller ") was
011 every hearth or stone in all dwelling-' buried in the cathedral churchyard, Oct. 29,
houses (see Palgrave's 'Dictionary of 1672 (Subdeanery Reg.), having apparently
Political Economy'). A duty proportioned j " covetiously " heaped together a fortune
to the number of fireplaces in a house j by trade and marriage. I am very glad to
(see ' N.E.D.').
have the date of Sir Thomas's knighthood.
Can anyone further oblige with the date of
WILLIAM HERSEE (12 S. ix. 168).—This the granting of arms to the Millers ?
author was born at Coldwaltham, Sussex, in 1
1786. Boase says he was a ploughman ;!
then a bookseller with Cooper at Bunhill Row, i " A FROG HE WOULD A-WOODJG 0 0 "
London, 1813 ; an accountant in the Inland i (12 S. ix. 51, 05, 135).—I have been much
Revenue Office, London, 1809-26; and' interested in the answers on this subject,
edited The Warwick Advertiser, 1831 to .but what I still want to know is, who was
March, 1852. According to the British the author of the doggerel and what it had
Museum Catalogue he published ' Poems, to do with the ancient family of Rowley of
Rural and Domestic,' from Chichester in Rowley in Shropshire (Bridg orth), whose
1810, and if it is this book that Hayley doggerel verse it was and still is ? The
thanks him for in 1808, there must have been poem is much earlier than Charles's reign.
an earlier edition, but I find no record of
anything by Hersee earlier than 1810. He